Get to Know Us

Who we are

E Eats is an E Commerce Food Emporium platform, as a subsidiary of Evo Market we are able to empower local businesses, and stimulate new ways for people to earn work and live. We started by facilitating the reopening of the restaurant industry by connecting Restaurants, Chef’s & food suppliers with their customers via on line ordering & delivery solutions.

We see this as just the beginning of connecting people with opportunity, new menus, dynamic product development, retooling resources whilst creating happier environments and a stronger community of food centric business.

We deliver more than food

For our Customers
By collating your favourite restaurants at your finger tips, E Eats converts cravings to memorable melas. As we connect you to more food choice options you can enjoy more time & energy to share with your friends, family and associates.

We love Merchants

E Eats has a high energy approach to its Merchants. Providing workable solutions that transform businesses. New markets, fast paced marketing & solid brand building are all part of our partnership model.